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Bio in Greek means life. We want to promote fitness tracking that can lead to a more focussed, healthy and positive living. 

Our Motto

Our main aim is to promote tracking fitness that make us feel positive about life. We ensure that the products we sell are eco-friendly and of the finest quality. We do our best to source products from local manufacturers or local re-sellers only.

Log your fitness activity for free. Our site is mobile browser friendly. Upload your Strava, Apple Health, other GPS tracker or mobile app screen shots. Log past, present and future data for free. Capture custom data and notes. Get monthly data as excel to your registered email address.

Private personal or gym members page with customised fitness data items and private database also possible for a small monthly or yearly subscription fee. Contact support@positivebio.com for details. Your suggestions are welcome.

Who We Are

Positive Bio

Healthy Choices for Life

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